Greek Feast

 Enjoy your evenings with the tasty excellence of  our Greek tapas.

Whether is a business party or a family gathering we can accommodate and deliver orders of up to 30 people. 

Make your choice and bring the Greek taste to indulge your guests on this special day.

Made from the very best ingredients we serve homemade bespoke Mediterranean inspired dishes for every  dietary need.

** Did you eat something else in Greece and want to taste it again? 

Give us a call and we will make it especially for you!


Tzatziki  £4.70

Cucumber with Greek yogurt, garlic, and mint (contains milk, sulphites)

Melitzanosalata  £5.30

Smoked Aubergine with parsley, spring onion, tahini and lemon juice, topped with roast pine nuts (contains Sessame, Sulphur)

Tyrokafteri  £5.30

Hot feta dip with extra virgin olive oil, chillies, and our secret spice  (contains milk)

Ladenia Kimolou  £5.20

Flatbread from Kimolos island topped with olive oil, oregano and crispy onion (contains milk, gluten)

Greek salad on barley rusk  £12.50

Plum tomatoes, pickled cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, fresh oregano, barley rusk kalamata olives (contains milk, gluten, sulphites)

Giant beans  £8.90

With fresh tomato, fresh baby spinach leaves and dill

Vine leaves  £7.80

with rice and Mediterranean herbs (contains gluten)

Roast potatoes  £7.20

With oregano, rosemary, garlic, and lemon

Courgette fritters  £6.90

With fresh mint, basil, feta cheese, and red pepper (contains milk sulphites) (contains milk, gluten)

Spanakopita   (Spinach pie) £4.50

House made filo spinach baby leaves, feta cheese, dill, chervil, and leeks. (contains milk, gluten)

Sausage Spetsofai  £13.20

Cretan sausage with leek, in red wine sauce with plum tomatoes and chillies (contains sulphites, gluten)

Moussaka  £19.20

Layers on aubergine, courgette, minced beef topped with bechamel sauce (contains, milk sulphites)

Chicken souvlaki with pitta bread  £17.60

4 chicken skewers Marinate in Greek yogurt served on pitta bread

Baklava bites  £4.50

Crispy layers of filo with spice syrup caramelised almonds and walnuts topped with pistachios. ( contains gluten, nuts)