Summer Time

It’s that time of the year that almost everyone, looks were to fly for some sunny and nice holidays.

If you ask me, the first place that comes in my mind is my homeland, Kos. And what a surprise!

Kos is a small island in Greece part of the Dodecanese islands chain in the Southeastern Aegean Sea with a great history where the Father of Medicine Hippocrates was born.

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” was one of his quotes.

Let’s keep that quote for a better and balanced life.

Oh, I really miss my family, my friends and these nights we were spending around a table with loads of wine and small meze.

Here is where the party starts, with the meze thing. It’s not just a plain meze platter, it’s the taste of it and how you can smell the fresh ingredients and tangle in your mouth. I honestly, almost cried every time I have my first byte of a juicy tomato dressed with extra virgin olive oil and fresh cut oregano! OMG

Can’t wait to visit again and have my mom make some real Greek salad, with all of the vegetables cut straight away from our garden.